Sunday, November 8, 2009

Center & Main Street in the 1930’s

Most of my postcards are from earlier in the century, but here are two showing two views of the intersection of Main and Center St.
The first image is heading toward French Island and Milford. Note the fine steel bridge which I loathed crossing. It had a grated deck and “sang” as you crossed in a car. It still brings shivers thinking of when I walked across it because you could see the Penobscot River; it seemed like, miles below.
The second image, and much safer direction in my mind, is toward Indian Island, the woolen mills and where I grew up. When I visited Old Town last summer I sat on a bench where the drug store was and imagined all what had happen in that spot over the last few hundred years. I invite others to do the same in a location familiar to you and feel how relaxing and satisfying it can be.


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