Saturday, January 16, 2010

Current Project

I will be taking a break from postcards on my next post to share a historic document I acquired recently. I am doing some research now to help me understand more of this era of Old Town, Maine. Hopefully the posting will be up soon!


  1. Hi Scott,
    I don't want to interrupt your postcard "fast" but in case you missed it there's a beautiful 1912 postcard at ebay which I happened to notice which depicts the OldTown Maine Canoe Factory. Price? 99 cents.

  2. This picture appears to be Indian Island before the bridge was built. Still cool. I was planning on bidding on it, thanks

  3. I agree that the postcard at shows Indian Island and not the White or Old Town Canoe companies. The image at is one of the earliest ones showing the factory on Middle Street. Good luck with the auction,

    Benson Gray